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From 8 to 9 February, the Proportional Hydraulics training course was provided at the Lea Artibai Institute for CIE Mexico technicians in their training process in the Basque Country.

This training was on Proportional Hydraulics and Servo Hydraulics in cutting, moulding and deformation machine tool applications. It was carried out using HRE equipment owned by the Training Centre.

Learning is a continuous process of developing our social, cognitive and emotional skills. Nothing opens more doors in both personal and professional life than good training and continuous learning. That is why at HRE Automation we are pleased and happy to be able to do our small part in this important process.



HRE AUTOMATION SPONSORS ABIAN – 5th Debabarrena Employment and Professional Training Fair

From Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th March, HRE Autamotion was supporting and sponsoring Professional Training in Debabarrena, which makes it possible for the region to continue to be an industrial reference in the coming years.

HRE’s mission is to generate wealth and well-being in our environment, and the mainstay of our didactic line is the transmission of knowledge. That is why we support the new generations in their education, we design and manufacture the necessary equipment to transmit everything we learn from our industrial experience.

We would like to thank the Debegesa Regional Development Agency, together with the Armeria Eskola Professional Training Centre, IMH Campus – Lanbide Heziketa, Meka Lanbide Eskola, Uni Eibar – Ermua, Mutriku Aquaculture School and the Eibar Basic Professional Training Centre, for organising this event.



It’s our anniversary! 

Those of you who follow us regularly know that at HRE we are committed to innovation as a principle, and this year could not be less.

We want to celebrate this journey with you, because 40 is worth it, because 40 years is the “new “30 and because we are working hard to offer you the best solutions. In these 40 years, we have become more professional, we have specialised, and we have matured like the good wine. Always with our sights set on HRE2030, offering unique solutions on the market, and with a vocation for customer service that goes beyond sales.

You know that change is a constant for us, and that is why we want to share with you our corporate identity.  Faithful to its origins, but with a return to simplicity, to what defines us, a change of image that helps us to outline where we want to go.

Thanks to all of you who have made it possible for us to be here 40 years later. 

Stay tuned, there’s a lot of news coming!!!





The SPRI Group has shared and supported our projects. On 23 December 2021, the SPRI Group published an article about HRE on its Basque company blog.


Through the BIDHKonexio programme, we are validating cryogenic and digital technology for eco-efficient processes, with the BeCold and Manex projects.


Below you can watch this video where you will find out who we are, our evolution, values, innovation, circular economy, HRE 2030, people… and everything that is to come this year!





21 organisations received the Basque Government’s awards for Advanced Management on 13 December, in an on-site Gala that was also broadcast via streaming.


The ceremony was attended by Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment, Jokin Bildarratz, Minister of Education, Gotzone Sagardui, Minister of Health, Pedro Azpiazu, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Bingen Zupiria, Minister of Culture and Language Policy, who presented the awards.


HRE was honoured to receive the diploma for advanced management. The aim of this award is to recognise those organisations which receive EUSKALIT’s external Contrast service and demonstrate their commitment to developing the elements that make up Advanced Management.




At HRE we have renewed our commitment to quality for the fourth consecutive year. This time we have achieved ISO certification in triplicate. With the renewal of ISO9001, the integration of ISO14001 environmental systems and ISO45001 Occupational Health and Safety.

We are delighted to be able to achieve this triple certification, as we believe in it and it helps us to improve our efficiency. In addition to systematising and growing as a team in a safe environment and in the most sustainable way possible.

We believe it is essential to build trust with our customers, to know their needs and expectations. To be able to establish effective communication channels, to engage, motivate and train people, seeking excellence and continuous improvement. And, furthermore, to protect the environment and reduce environmental impact, providing safe and healthy working conditions.

We work on these aspects every day, because the value we offer our customers is much more than just a product. 


Thanks to all of you who contribute to make this possible.  


Our quality policy:



Empresa XXI” has published an interview about HRE. It highlights our commitment to R+D+i and our own products. We talk about HRE 2030 and our new developments such as Manex 4.0 and BeCold.


In this interview we put forward our plan for 2030, in which we plan to double our turnover and diversify into the international market. This will be done with our own products, with the aim of further growth.


Below is an extract from this interview to take a look at:


“HRE Hidraulic, specialising in automation and control engineering projects for oleo-hydraulic, servo-hydraulic and lubrication systems, is celebrating its 40th anniversary and plans to create an internal R+D+i business unit on which it will rely to develop its own products and services with which it can diversify and continue to grow, fundamentally in the international arena.

As confirmed to “Empresa XXI” by its manager, Esther Velasco, the company’s plan is to carry out the generational handover of the partners in an organised way and practically double its turnover by 2030, to reach 8 million euros. Its current business line of marketing third-party products (it distributes industrial fluid equipment of international brands in the Iberian Peninsula) will increase its sales by 33 percent in this period, although its weight in total turnover will drop to 30 percent. ”


You can continue reading if you click below:  ?




HRE Hidraulic has actively participated in the second academic update forum in Mexico. It took place from 21st to 24th June in a 100% online format. This great event was organised by the company SkillTech Mexico and was attended by more than 1,200 Education professionals from this country.

Iñaki Gutiérrez, Director of HRE’s Didactic Business Unit, gave a webinar presentation on training tools in oil-hydraulic automation systems, from transparent teaching equipment to digital simulation systems, including the incorporation of i4.0 systems in this type of technology.

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Water hydraulics



There are systems whose power transmission medium is water instead of oil. Why?

The first reason is because it does not pollute, if you make a comparison of the risk using a system containing oil with the same system powered by water and study the impact on people, products and the environment, the differences are obvious.

On the other hand, it eliminates the risk of fire. Equipment operating in high fire risk areas cannot be operated with standard oil systems. Water offers no fire risk or toxic threats. In terms of efficiency, individual components prepared to work with water hydraulics offer the same performance and in some cases even better performance than a similar element prepared to work with oil.

Fluid cost is not the only major saving that results from the use of water hydraulics. Consideration must also be given to the necessary adoption of strict new regulations on storage, leak clean-up, special protective clothing for users, packaging required for fluid delivery, etc. The direct and management costs necessary to comply with all of the above disappear when the hydraulic fluid comes from a tap and can be flushed down any local drain.

It also helps companies that produce goods and/or use environmentally friendly methods to gain benefits from a “green” product image in the market.

There is no greener option than using water.

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HRE third consecutive year certified under ISO 9001:2015 standards

At HRE we have been dedicated to the development of engineering projects in the field of industrial fluids for 40 years. These years of experience have given us knowledge about how important it is to generate trust in our clients, know their needs and expectations, establish effective communication channels, engage, motivate and train people to constantly evolve and adapt to market needs. . We work on these aspects every day because the value we offer to our customers is much more than just a product.

For this reason for the third consecutive year we have achieved quality certification (ISO 9001: 2015), as well as the responsibility of all the people in the organization in maintaining and improving it, so we encourage staff to join and participate.

An important characteristic about us is that we try to progress and improve, and therefore our next challenge is to become certified in the integrated system ISO9001 + 14001 + 45001 at the end of this year. This certificate seeks to operate the three previous systems together so that the organization optimizes resources and operations of the systems themselves.