HRE third consecutive year certified under ISO 9001: 2015 standards

At HRE we have been dedicated to the development of engineering projects in the field of industrial fluids for 40 years. These years of experience have given us knowledge about how important it is to generate trust in our clients, know their needs and expectations, establish effective communication channels, engage, motivate and train people to constantly evolve and adapt to market needs. . We work on these aspects every day because the value we offer to our customers is much more than just a product.

For this reason for the third consecutive year we have achieved quality certification (ISO 9001: 2015), as well as the responsibility of all the people in the organization in maintaining and improving it, so we encourage staff to join and participate.

An important characteristic about us is that we try to progress and improve, and therefore our next challenge is to become certified in the integrated system ISO9001 + 14001 + 45001 at the end of this year. This certificate seeks to operate the three previous systems together so that the organization optimizes resources and operations of the systems themselves.