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As it could not be otherwise, this year we have also been present in the different activities for the commemoration of World Energy Saving Day, which was celebrated on 21 October 2023.

In line with the values of HRE Automation, Circular Economy and Green Design and Manufacturing, and thanks among other applications to the implementation of our energy efficiency system, we have continued to make progress in reducing the carbon footprint and electricity consumption of our customers by between 35% and 50%.

Having started the different programmes in 2016 and to date, we have managed to save a total of 5.84 GW/h, which is the same as 5,840,000 KW/h for our customers. This means that more than 2,700 tonnes of CO₂ have been saved from being emitted into the atmosphere.

This value is equivalent to the planting of 16,225 trees, which would be necessary to absorb the carbon dioxide saved by our processes. With a standard density of 200 trees per hectare, we save the space that would occupy more than 81 hectares, which is 810,000 m².

Looking at it another way, now that olive oil is almost prohibitively expensive:

If we consider that one hectare of olive tree cultivation yields about 5,000 kg of olives, with these 81 hectares saved we could obtain about 405,000 kg of olives, which would be equivalent to about 81,000 L of EVOO. The equivalent of the annual oil consumption of 12,000 people. Surprised?


Energy saving solutions in hydraulic systems



At HRE, we renew our commitment to the constant pursuit of excellence, marking our sixth uninterrupted year dedicated to quality. On this occasion, we are celebrating the renewal of the SGI quality certification for the second consecutive year ISO9001, ISO14001 for the environment and ISO45001 for Health and Safety at Work.

The achievement of this triple certification fills us with satisfaction, as we not only believe in it, but it also drives us to continuously improve our efficiency. This achievement allows us to systematise our operations and foster team growth in a safe and sustainable environment.

We consider it essential to build our customers’ trust by understanding their needs and expectations. We seek to establish effective communication channels, engage, motivate and train our staff in pursuit of excellence and continuous improvement. In addition, we strive to protect the environment, reduce our environmental impact and provide safe and healthy working conditions.

We are dedicated to improving these aspects every day, as we recognise that the value we offer our customers goes beyond simply being a product. We thank all those who contribute to making this achievement possible.


In HRE Automation we are participating along with other companies in the Basque Country, in the “Lan Mentoring” initiative of Lanbide in collaboration with the Basque Innovation Agency to work on generational change.

This initiative is part of our strategic challenge of sustained generational change and knowledge transfer.

To encourage and inspire other companies that are going through this process, we have recorded these sessions:



From HRE Automation we want to show you a summary of the best of 2022, before entering 2023… because we are everything we have been and what is yet to come.

Thank you all for being part of this!




At HRE Automation we bid farewell to this special 40th anniversary year with this journey through what we were, what we are and what we will be.

THANK YOU to all the team that has contributed and made it possible. tribe and external collaborators.

THANK YOU to all our customers and suppliers who trust in our project; because they help us to understand the market, to look for solutions and to develop new products and services.


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For another year, we could not miss World Energy Saving Day, which was celebrated on October 21, 2022.


In line with HRE Automation’s values, thanks to our energy efficiency system, we have reduced our customers’ carbon footprint and electricity consumption by 35% to 50%.


If we translate this, we can say that since 2016 our customers have saved 4.66 GW/h, that is 4,660,000 KW/h and 2,155 Tn of CO2 emissions have been stopped.


This is equivalent to planting the 12,950 trees needed to absorb the carbon dioxide saved.


Perhaps we can see it more clearly if we say that :

If 200 trees fit in one hectare, we would be saving the space of 130 soccer fields, 520 Olympic swimming pools or 820 handball fields.


Seeing this data further motivates us to continue our commitment to sustainability and the environment. ▶



From September 24 to October 2, as part of the Asteklima, Euskadi Climate and Energy Week in Vitoria Gasteiz, the exhibition “Zirkularrak – Circulares” was held at the Europe Congress Center.

Organized by Ihobe, the Basque Government’s Public Company for Environmental Management, it included guided tours showing the value chains present in the Basque Country in more than 140 products from a wide range of sectors.

HRE Automation contributed to this initiative by exhibiting our BeCold Cryogenic Machining equipment.

Our commitment to the circular economy and the environment means that among our products and services we can offer:

  • Retrofitting: Refurbishment of existing machines already in production at our customer’s premises.
    • We achieve energy efficiency and a lower impact on carbon footprint.
    • Achievements from 2016 to date: Total savings of 4 million kW/hour or 1,700 tons of CO2.
  • Water Hydraulics: Replacing oil as the traditional fluid with water.
    • Sector: Food, desalination, offshore or nautical.
    • Achievements: Minimization of costs and reduction of pollution risk.

We leave you a short video where Iñaki Gutiérrez tells you a little more about our initiatives: 🎬



At HRE Automation our purpose is to generate wealth and well-being in our environment, but in a certain way; and how could it be otherwise, we do it in a sustainable way.

We promote intra-entrepreneurship, eco-design, energy efficiency, renewables, clean technologies such as Becold, and we participate in events such as Asteklima, which reaffirms our conviction and commitment to good environmental practices.

The town councils of Debabarrena, together with DEBEGESA Debabarrena Development Agency, organized this event in which 13 companies signed the commitment.

If we achieve the signed goal, we will be reducing CO2 emissions by 2,139 tons.

Thank you all for participating!




Innobasque has published our BeCold project in the Bank of Practical Innovation Cases.

As is well known, coolant and cutting oil are two elements widely used in machining. These components also generate higher costs and have a negative impact on the environment, which is why it is essential to explore greener alternatives.

The main challenge is the adoption of an alternative lubrication and cooling system by the industry itself.


Why is BeCold a POTENTIAL case study in innovation?


Because it is a pioneering and unique solution in the market, an alternative lubrication and cooling system based on CO2 cryogenic gas.

Due to the high competitiveness present in the industrial field, the reduction of production costs and the use of technologies with a low environmental impact are essential for the development of new applications.

Do you want to know more about the case? You can see the case study here:




Interempresas has published an article about BeCold in the magazine “Industria Metalmecánica”. This system was developed by HRE Automation for the industrial environment in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Tecnalia. The work carried out has allowed the development of the BeCold technology that can use Co2 as a cutting fluid in combination with biodegradable oil particles such as CryoMQL.

Cryogenic refrigeration is an alternative way to the use of coolants as a cutting fluid that aims to achieve environmentally sustainable machining processes without affecting the competitiveness of the process.

Here is an extract so you can have a look at it:

“In these 10 years, the tests and advances with cryogenic cooling have been many and diverse with what step by step has been consolidating a technology capable of responding to various situations in order to integrate it into industrial environments, but how was this path?”


We are very grateful to Interempresas for giving visibility to this project which has taken so much effort and enthusiasm. After all these years, we have managed to launch a more sustainable alternative on the market which does not affect the machining processes.