Sustainable Success in Aeronautical Manufacturing

At the recent 19th edition of the Global Conference for Sustainable Manufacturing, the Centre for Advanced Aeronautical Manufacturing (CFAA) presented the results of its pioneering research focused on the eco-sustainable improvement of super duplex stainless steel turning. The key to this breakthrough lies in the application of the CRYOMQL technique.


The findings revealed that the CRYOMQL technique not only optimises the turning process, but also significantly extends the service life of the tool used. This extension in tool efficiency leads to an overall improvement in the sustainability of the manufacturing process, highlighting a further step towards more environmentally friendly practices.


The achievement of the CFAA not only has positive implications for the aerospace industry, but also demonstrates how the implementation of sustainable technologies can effectively reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, while promoting efficiency and product quality.


In this context, HRE Automation is proud to contribute to this revolution in sustainable manufacturing. By supplying specialised BeCold Cryogenic Machining equipment, HRE Automation positions itself as a key partner in the adoption of advanced and environmentally friendly technologies.


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