Integrated fluid automation solutions

Success story of energy saving in injection machine OL1800 with DCP


OEM, a Basque Multinational Company manufacturer of a wide variety of elements for the automotive sector. Through the injection of aluminum and its subsequent machining.


Reduction of energy consumption in this machine, without affecting the quality of the product or the performance of the machine.


Complete change of the two Pump Tandems of the Hydraulic Group, incorporating a solution that allows us to work both at low and high revolutions, without affecting their efficiency, readjustment and / or elimination of hydraulic components, and control of the flow rate and closed-loop pressure regulation with two specific variators working in “master-slave” mode, managing to optimize the consumption of both motors to the maximum.


42% saving in energy consumption of the Hydraulic Group Electric Motors, substantial reduction in noise at work and savings in water consumption by being more efficient and therefore generating less heat in the Group. And very important also: Maintaining this saving when changing the models to be cast.

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