BECOLD – Crio Team presentation

We have presented the new MQL+Crio tool cooling equipment for dry machining of extreme materials – due to their conditions of hardness, machinability, etc. It is the first time the equipment is presented  to the market.

Its first phase was shown at the EMO 2017 Fair held in Hannover and TECNALIA and the UPV at the IBARMIA Stand. The second phase during the Machine Tool Biennial in 2018, and in December 2019, the final presentation of a smaller and more compact prototype.

This new system, which combines the tried and tested properties of MQL with the new cryo-machining technology at extremely low temperatures (achieved as required with CO₂ or LN₂), allows cutting speeds and tool life far higher than at present.

At HRE Hidraulic, we are working intensively on industrialising the equipment, the first prototypes of which are already available at TECNALIA and the CFAA of the UPV for capacity tests.

Jose Angel Alberdi
T. +34 667 08 71 06