Interempresas has published an article about BeCold in the magazine “Industria Metalmecánica”. This system was developed by HRE Automation for the industrial environment in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country and Tecnalia. The work carried out has allowed the development of the BeCold technology that can use Co2 as a cutting fluid in combination with biodegradable oil particles such as CryoMQL.

Cryogenic refrigeration is an alternative way to the use of coolants as a cutting fluid that aims to achieve environmentally sustainable machining processes without affecting the competitiveness of the process.

Here is an extract so you can have a look at it:

“In these 10 years, the tests and advances with cryogenic cooling have been many and diverse with what step by step has been consolidating a technology capable of responding to various situations in order to integrate it into industrial environments, but how was this path?”


We are very grateful to Interempresas for giving visibility to this project which has taken so much effort and enthusiasm. After all these years, we have managed to launch a more sustainable alternative on the market which does not affect the machining processes.