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The SPRI Group, in its Blog “Basque companies” have published an article about us:

“HRE Hidraulic, 40 years of innovation and evolution”.


In this article you will find a bit of our history, we talk about the project with which we have presented ourselves to Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH) – Konexio 2021 and we advance you some surprises that are coming soon.

Below is an extract from this article :


“The company from Elgoibar, specialising in industrial fluid engineering projects, has received support from the BDIH Konexio programme . HRE Hidraulic is a curious case in an industrial company: around 30% of its business comes from its didactic and training unit aimed at both training centres and companies. “We want our knowledge acquired in industry to be transmitted to society and also to form part of our business,” explain Esther Velasco and José Ángel Alberdi, manager and director of the Industry business unit, respectively.


This company has received financial support from the SPRI Group through the BDIH Konexio programme. The Basque Digital Innovation Hub is making the connected network of advanced manufacturing assets and services available to SMEs for training, research, testing and validation.


The company, located in Elgoibar, specialises in engineering projects in the field of industrial fluids and covers a multitude of sectors, from machine tools, automotive, assembly machinery, aluminium injection machinery, paper mills and the iron and steel industry to aeronautics, railways, oil&gas, and even aquariums (with water hydraulics), “and we are also diversifying into the marine sector”.


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