Integrated fluid automation solutions

Success story for press transfer machine manufacturer


Manufacturer of special machinery for the automotive sector.


Cold deformation operation of forged part on a 4-station rotary transfer machine. Deformation force 60 Ton. High positioning accuracy and very short cycle time required.


Installation of 4 CLDP servo-drive units, consisting of a hydraulic power transmission unit without hydraulic power pack, hoses, or fittings. The units are fully programmable and work in a closed-loop without proportional valves or servo valves.


  • Space-saving due to the high density of the closed-loop equipment.
  • Energy savings with significant elimination of throttling by eliminating valves and hydraulic flow and pressure control systems.
  • Long service life and increased availability due to the high strength of the design.
  • Completely overload-free system.
  • Safety.
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